Hörpfad Neusäß

The green gem

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Augsburg Nature Park - Western Forests

12,000 square kilometres of nature park are our green jewel in the Augsburg region, and the nature park to the west of Augsburg is of particular importance due to its abundance of forests and attractive landscape - as a habitat for animals and plants, but also as a recreational area for citizens and visitors.  

The gentle hills in the Stauden, Holzwinkel and Reischenau as well as numerous streams offer you plenty of space for your leisure time in the middle of nature.

Über den Naturpark

Excursions in the nature park

Staudenkapelle Mickhausen

Stauden chapel

A special chapel in the middle of nature

Ganghoferhütte in Welden


In the footsteps of Ludwig Ganghofer in Welden


Pilgrimage church Violau

Baroque pearl in AltenmünsterKunst und Philosophie inspirieren

LandArt Kunstpfad in Bonstetten, Kunstwerk 3

LandArt Lauschtour

Inspiring art and philosophy


Nature Park Rangers

For small and big explorers

There are several nature park rangers in the Augsburg - Western Forests Nature Park who are responsible for the preservation and protection of nature. For example, they organise hikes to bring nature closer to local people and at the same time focus on nature conservation, landscape conservation and advisory services for farmers. The rangers are the point of contact for questions about nature in the Augsburg - Western Forests Nature Park.

Aktiv im Naturpark

Active in the nature park

The fresh air, the forests and the beautiful landscape invite you to enjoy a wide variety of activities. Whether Nordic walking, forest bathing, skating, hiking or cycling: You'll find relaxation here!


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