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Hiking in the Augsburger Land

The Augsburg region offers a varied landscape with rivers, lakes, forests and hills and is rich in well-developed hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to long-distance hikes. The Augsburg - Western Forests Nature Park in particular invites nature lovers to relax. 
For those interested in culture, there are also numerous historical sights that can be visited along the way. The Augsburg region therefore offers a perfect combination of nature, history and culture.

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Great views! Are you a connoisseur and love beautiful views? Here are our top three places with beautiful views in the Augsburger Land:

Aussicht vom Bismarckturm in Neusäß-Steppach


Bismarckturm Steppach

The best view of the city of Augsburg, the night sky and the western forests

Ulrichshöhe Königsbrunn


Ulrich's hill

It is 24 metres high and provides a panoramic view of the southern district.

Ausblick bei der 14-Nothelfer Kapelle, Mittelneufnach


View  of the Neufnach valley

Experience pure enjoyment and tranquillity at the same time with the idyllic view from the 14 Nothelferkapelle

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