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The Augsburger Land

Relax, enjoy or be active and spend the day with your family – Augsburg County is a jewel for anyone looking forward to be close to nature. Get to know our diverse county better.




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There are many ways to experience our diversity. Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful places in the Augsburg region and relax in nature.

Whoever visits the Augsburger Land will hear again and again that the large district can be divided into different regions. Thus, in addition to the Reischenau and the Stauden, there is also the Holzwinkel or the Lech and Wertach valleys. Culture and attractive routes for active people can be found everywhere!


Everything in flow

Here, the rivers Lech, Wertach, Singold, Schmutter and Zusam tell you their stories and shape the landscape.

Lechmuseum Langweid

from Tyrol to the Danube


Welcome to the last wild river of Europe

Ilsesee Königsbrunn


convenient access to the Allgäu



from the source to the juncture

Wusstest du schon, dass

Do you know that...

Kloster Thierhaupten

...Thierhaupten is home to one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries?

It was founded in the 8th century.

Mitten drin im Lechmuseum Langweid

...the three hydroelectric power plants in Langweid am Lech, Gersthofen and Meitingen are part of the UNESCO World Heritage*?

* Augsburg water management system

More about the World Heritage Sites in the Augsburger Land
Verkehr, Anfahrt

...there are two places in our district with the name Königsbrunn?

 These are the town of Königsbrunn on the one hand and the Königsbrunn district of the municipality of Thierhaupten on the other. 

Lechefeldschlacht 955, Ottonen

...the Battle of Lechfeld probably took place in the Augsburg region in 955?

 The historical event can be experienced on the Lechfeld Battle History Trail 

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